The Popular Mason Jar Tart Warmers
$20 each

  This Cast Iron Skillet Tart Burner  $12.00 each
     Our Cast Iron Frying Pan Tart Burner is a cute country piece that everyone is going to want! It's just like a real cast iron skillet that customers may have in their kitchens now. Just place a tea light or votive candle in the base, and your favorite Mini Melt or Wax Bits in the pan. The wax will heat and melt, releasing delicious aromas.
 Antique Tart Warmer adds a lovely addition to your decor
$10.00 each

Grubby Cookie Tarts
$1.75 each
Available ONLY in the following scents:
Apple Butter Harvest
*Birthday Cake
Blueberry Cobbler
Chestnuts and Brown Sugar
*Country Berry Hotcakes
Country Britches (Like Sunwashed Linen)
*Country Wedding Cake
*Farmhouse Kitchen
*Fresh Juicy Apple
Hot Baked Apple Pie
*Hot Cinnamon Pan Candy
Lemon Scratch Cake
*Orange Cream Cupcake
Vanilla Butter

*Star scents are NOT available in Candles only Cookie Tarts.